Work > Significant Ordinaries

Significant Ordinaries, 2013

University Art Museum, California State University, Long Beach

What does it mean to be a curator? What distinguishes “curating” from presenting fleeting images on social media sites? With curatorial processes deeply embedded in contemporary artistic production, and co-opted to describe nearly any act of organization, most basically, “curating” is a vehicle for justifying an object’s presence in the world.

Making use of various curatorial or framing devices, the artists here reconfigure the relationship between making and displaying. They create artworks that threaten the idea and supposed authority of original creation by an individual artist. More specifically, and perhaps paradoxically, the artist’s appropriation of the role of curator not only has the potential to destabilize value and meaning of objects, but also activates the role of the viewer by suggesting that they too are part of the artistic process. Significant Ordinaries brings together work by David Horvitz, Louise Lawler, William Leavitt, Mark Wyse, and Jeffrey Vallance, inviting viewers to investigate how each artist interprets the act of presentation as a contemporary approach.

In collaboration with Eamonn Fox and Mary Grace Sanchez.

Art Ltd.